Multiple benefits of using a Mortgage Broker in today’s fast paced world


Securing the property of your dreams often means moving quickly. For those who are generally time poor, the service a broker provides can take the pain and hassle out of the process and ensure that deadlines are met.

In a recent survey by Legal and General, in the UK, up to three quarters of first time buyers said they expect to use a broker when looking for a mortgage.

‘This figure is relatively high due to the average age of the first time buyer being around 30 years old” comments Henry Knight, Managing Director at Springtide Capital.

“Applicants in this age group are living in a particularly fast paced, stressful, and time crunched world and use us because we take away the hassle of filling out multiple forms and applications.”

Searching through mortgage deals can be a time consuming exercise. 53% of all surveyed used a mortgage broker because they could access a wider range of mortgage deals, the product choice that brokers offer currently provides consumers with access to 30,482 products compared to only 3,408 for those who go direct.

In recent years as tougher criteria has been applied to mortgage applications mortgages have become more difficult to secure. Complex cases can be expertly steered through by experienced brokers as they have close working relationships with key decision makers and understand the systems used in the process. A mortgage broker will look at a variety of lenders to suit individual circumstances and won’t take up time offering mortgages from a lender that they think are not viable. And while price comparison websites may seem to save time, using a mortgage broker provides specialist industry knowledge with the reassurance of talking to a real person.

The recent survey also found that 67% said they would be likely to speak to a broker about buy to let mortgages. While 81% of UK buyers recognise the value of using a Mortgage Broker.

Henry Knight at Springtide Capital highlights:

“In using a mortgage broker, you will receive an expert opinion on which is the best mortgage for you in terms of the interest rate and the likelihood of your application being accepted. This expertise will save significant time and by having an in depth understanding of the whole market, a broker is able to add value by advising on what is and isn’t possible from the outset.”

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We also provide personal and property protection advice.

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