Do I need a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage advice from a reputable, independent broker can be an invaluable part of the mortgage process and can offer a wealth of experience, here’s how….

Before offering you advice, mortgage brokers have to go through a lengthy training process to become qualified and will build up a wealth of professional knowledge over that time.

A mortgage broker can offer you unbiased advice from a wide range of lenders and subsequent mortgage products, trying to secure the best deal to suit your needs.

Which? analysis has found more than four in ten mortgages are broker-only, meaning you’re unlikely to find them on comparison sites. For the purchase of a buy-to-let property, the proportion of broker-only deals rises to almost two-thirds. The use of brokers in the buy-to-let market may be having a significant effect on the number of applications that result in an offer. Data from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders association shows that 89% of buy-to-let applications are successful.

The application process for a mortgage can differ from lender to lender so having a Mortgage Broker who is familiar with the varying processes is an advantage. Making your application through a mortgage broker should save you time also, due to the fact that your broker should have used their expert knowledge of criteria to mitigate any potential risks and match you to the most suitable lender. Some low rates may have hidden fees or may not be entirely suitable for your circumstances so using the services of a mortgage broker with expert knowledge should help you to avoid these pitfalls. Don’t be put off by the ‘middleman’ aspect of the mortgage broker.

Applying direct may suit some borrowers, but if you are looking for a helping hand to guide you through the mortgage process, then using a broker has many advantages.

Henry Knight at Springtide Capital highlights:

“In using a mortgage broker, you will receive an expert opinion on which is the best mortgage for you in terms of the interest rate and the likelihood of your application being accepted. This expertise will save significant time and by having an in depth understanding of the whole market, a broker is able to add value by advising on what is and isn’t possible from the outset.”

Springtide Capital look to assist borrowers in obtaining competitive, bespoke mortgage solutions often on exclusive terms for the following:

We also provide personal and property protection advice.

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