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Our Team

Henry Knight

Managing Director

Henry specialises in: Driving the business forward.

Knowledge and experience: With more than two decades of experience in mortgages and financial services, Henry’s focus is for Springtide Capital to continue to grow and retain a reputation as one of the leading broking businesses in the high net worth market. Henry has worked hard in establishing a sound working relationship between agents and brokers, whilst developing the strongest mortgage lending platform for Springtide clients.

Helped to establish Springtide in: 2005.


James Armstrong

Residential and Commercial Mortgage Consultant

James specialises in: Buy-to-Let portfolio management, complex ownership structures, overseas clients, commercial mortgages and large loans.

 Knowledge and experience: Having worked as a mortgage consultant since 1999, James enjoys helping clients with complex circumstances and is particularly adept at helping those with property portfolios.

 Worked with Springtide since: 2014.

 Get to know James: In his spare time, James enjoys sport and he loves to travel.

Alan Byrne

Mortgage Consultant

Alan specialises in: Residential and buy to let mortgages

Knowledge and experience: Having been in the industry for over five years, Alan has developed a vast knowledge of the residential, buy to let and remortgage markets. Alan is very enthusiastic about the service he provides to his clients and looks to find the most appropriate and cost effective solutions available.

Worked with Springtide since: 2014

Get to know Alan: In his spare time Alan likes to play and watch football and is a keen Liverpool FC fan.

Charlie Cain

Mortgage Consultant

Charlie specialises in: Residential purchases, remortgages and buy to let mortgages.

Knowledge and experience: Having worked at Springtide Capital for the last 4 years, Charlie has developed relationships with a wide range of lenders and having worked in the property market for over 10 years, he has a strong understanding of the residential and buy to let markets.

Charlie thrives on finding the best option available for his clients whilst also helping identify any issues that may have been overlooked to make the mortgage process as smooth and stress free as possible.

Worked with Springtide since: 2017

Get to know Charlie: Having taken part in triathlons, Charlie loves cycling. He also enjoys music festivals, brewing his own beer and walks with his dog.


Tom Callaghan

Mortgage Consultant

Tom specialises in: Sourcing appropriate and cost effective mortgages.

Knowledge and experience: Tom has over ten years of experience in the mortgage market and is very enthusiastic about providing a high level of service to his clients. His knowledge within the market allows him to source the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for his clients.

Worked with Springtide since: 2014.

Get to know Tom: In his spare time, Tom enjoys both watching and playing football. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Gemma Gillan

Mortgage Consultant

Gemma specialises in: All aspects of mortgage advice.

Knowledge and experience: Gemma has built up considerable expertise having worked for over ten years as a mortgage broker. Her knowledge stretches across all disciplines and Gemma enjoys being able to assist her clients through, what is often, a challenging and difficult process.

Worked with Springtide since: 2015.

Get to know Gemma: Outside of work, Gemma is the mother to two lovely boys and enjoys spending time with them and her husband. She is also a keen swimmer.

Zoe Hatcliff

Mortgage and Equity Release Consultant

Zoe specialises in: Advice and bespoke solutions for all Residential and Investment clients with a special focus on those needing lending advice in later life

Knowledge and experience: Zoe has worked in the industry for over 20 years and started specialising in Later Life advice over ten years ago. She prides herself on the high level of service she provides her clients which has helped her maintain long term relationships, client referrals and strong relationships with both lenders and underwriters across the industry.

Worked with Springtide since: 2016.

Get to know Zoe: Family time is very important to Zoe and weekends are spent travelling up and down the country to support her young son who is a scholar at Southend United FC. To relax, Zoe loves to cook and entertain.

Julie Johnson

Mortgage Consultant

Julie specialises in: Residential, buy to let and commercial purchase mortgages.

Knowledge and experience: Julie has developed an extensive knowledge of the residential, buy to let, commercial purchase and re-mortgage markets. This has allowed her to grow a large network of contacts amongst the lender community, giving her access to the best deals for her clients.

Worked with Springtide since: 2005.

Get to know Julie: Before starting her career in financial services, Julie spent ten years as the principle understudy and dance captain with the show Riverdance and still maintains an interest in Irish Dancing. She is also a keen cyclist.

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Craig Leverett

Mortgage Consultant

Craig specialises in: Private Finance.

Knowledge and experience: Craig has developed a reputation as being a leading Consultant in prime central London.  Craig prides himself on developing strong client relationships, differentiated by service and strong personal relationships with Mainstream and Private Banks.  Craig has a loyal portfolio of clients worldwide, working on a personal recommendation basis only

Worked with Springtide since: 2009.

Get to know Craig: In his spare time Craig can be found on a bike, watching cricket or enjoying time with his family.

David Merrony

Mortgage Consultant

David specialises in: Sourcing cost effective mortgage solutions.

Knowledge and experience: With 25 years of experience in financial services, David has developed an innate ability to understand client needs by sourcing the most suitable and cost effective mortgage solution for their individual requirements. He has an excellent network of contacts and strong relationships with a wide range of mortgage lenders.

Worked with Springtide since: 2012.

Get to know David: David spends weekends with family, supporting his local football team and visiting places of both cultural and historical interest, within and outside of the UK.

Andrew Pearson

Mortgage and Protection Consultant

Andrew specialises in: Mortgages, protection and insurance.

Knowledge and experience: Andrew helps clients reduce the financial impact of serious illness, death or redundancy. He is proficient at tailoring specific solutions to individual needs by highlighting areas of concern and calculating shortfalls. Andrew helps clients improve their understanding of their finances by presenting complex solutions in a comprehensive manner.

Worked with Springtide since: 2013

Get to know Andrew: As a proud father of three boys, Andrew spends weekends playing football with the family and enjoys the occasional spot of kite-surfing!

Jackie Pearson

Protection Consultant

Jackie specialises in: Protection.

Knowledge and experience: Bringing 20 years of experience within the financial services industry, Jackie is a protection specialist advising clients on all levels of protection from personal to business cover. She delivers tailor-made recommendations to clients, helping them to achieve a measure of financial security in the event of death or illness.

Worked with Springtide since: 2015.

Get to know Jackie: Jackie is a keen marathon runner, enjoys fundraising and spending time with her family, including her three children.

Philip Robotham

Mortgage Consultant

Philip specialises in: Providing bespoke mortgage solutions covering all aspects of lending. Ultra High Net Worth, residential, portfolio, commercial, development and investment property funding.

Knowledge and experience: One size does not fit all, and Philip is responsible for sourcing all kinds of bespoke solutions for clients from a wide range of lenders, specialising in deals with private banks. As a detailed and lateral thinker, Philip is capable of coming up with tailor-made solutions for clients based on his extensive contacts within the mortgage industry and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Worked with Springtide since: 2013.

Get to know Philip: In his spare time, Philip enjoys sport and travelling.

Rebecca Scott

Mortgage Consultant

Rebecca specialises in: Residential and buy to let mortgages

Knowledge and experience: Having worked in the industry for over six years, Rebecca has developed an extensive knowledge of the residential, buy to let and remortgage markets.

Rebecca prides herself on the level of service she provides her clients, whilst sourcing the most suitable and cost effective mortgage solution for their individual requirements. This has  allowed her to create strong relationships with lenders and underwriters across the lender community.

Worked with Springtide since: 2015

Get to know Rebecca: Outside of work, Rebecca can be found with her head in a book, escaping to the countryside at weekends and she loves going to the theatre.

Steve Smith

Mortgage and Equity Release Consultant

Mortgage and Equity Release Consultant

 Steve specialises in: Residential mortgage advice providing bespoke mortgage solutions in all sectors of the market including high net worth, complex situations and lending into retirement.

 Knowledge and experience: Steve has advised clients by tailoring bespoke solutions to specific client needs for several decades and prides himself on his sound technical knowledge of the mortgage market. With his contacts within the industry as well as many lenders, Steve maintains a valuable industry insight and looks to play an ongoing role in shaping the mortgage market.

 Worked with Springtide since: 2010.

 Get to know Steve: In his spare time, Steve enjoys hitting a ball around a course (rather than playing golf!), fishing, going to the cinema, and watching sport.

Philip Streets

Mortgage Consultant

Philip specialises in: Mortgages.

Knowledge and experience: Having been in the industry for almost two decades, Philip advises clients across both mortgage and protection products. His wealth of experience has enabled him to help clients with a wide range of different circumstances.

Worked with Springtide since: 2013.

Get to know Philip: A father of two, Philip likes to play football with his children in his spare time and enjoys golf and occasional snowboarding.

Richard Verlander

Mortgage Consultant

Richard specialises in: Providing bespoke mortgage solutions for residential and investment clients.

Knowledge and experience: Having previously worked for a leading lender, Richard has been broking for more than 20 years. He has a thorough knowledge of the industry from both sides of the fence as well as a solid network of relationships with the major lenders.

Worked with Springtide since: 2011

Get to know Richard: Outside of work, Richard likes to play golf, 5-a-side football and enjoys tending to his allotment.

James Wakefield

Mortgage Consultant

James specialises in: Property funding solutions for private clients

Knowledge and experience: With over 15 years of valuable lending experience, James provides specialised property funding to private clients  acquiring or refinancing residential or commercial property.

Worked with Springtide since: 2005.

Get to know James: Outside of the office, James is to be found enjoying the countryside, family, food, wine and travel.

Sohail Yasin

Mortgage Consultant

Sohail specialises in: Overseas clients and commercial finance.

Knowledge and experience: With seven years of industry experience, he is an excellent problem solver when it comes to helping clients with their needs. He is responsible for niche lending to overseas clients and also for arranging commercial/development finance.

Worked with Springtide since: 2013.

Get to know Sohail: As a keen supporter of Chelsea FC, Sohail enjoys football and also likes to travel.

Brenda Cox

Compliance Manager

Knowledge and experience: Brenda has been part of Compliance for a number of years. She is responsible for overseeing the policies and procedures within the business to ensure Springtide Capital operates according to the standards expected by the regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

Worked with Springtide since: 2005.

Get to know Brenda: A reliable, organised and highly efficient member of the team, Brenda enjoys athletics and netball in her spare time. She also likes music and travelling.

Madeleine Hughes

Office Manager

Madeleine specialises in: Co-ordinating case managers in their day to day duties with providing service excellence to clients as well as brokers.

Knowledge and experience: Madeleine has worked in the Mortgage industry for 12 years and has an extensive knowledge and experience of both the Case Manager Role and the Team Manager Role. Madeleine plays an integral role in the day-to-day operational side of the business. She acts as a team leader to the case managers, coordinating all administrative support. 

Worked with Springtide since: 2013.

Get to know Madeleine: Madeleine likes to watch musicals with friends and as an Australian; she loves to watch sport whenever Australia are playing!

Virginia Harrow

Book keeper and Case Manager

Virginia specialises in: The office bookkeeping and administrative support to the brokers.

Knowledge and experience: Virginia has worked in the mortgage sector for many years in a variety of different roles. She provides administrative support to two brokers and is also the Springtide bookkeeper.

Worked with Springtide since: 2020

Get to know Virginia: Virginia is a regular supporter of the arts, attending many concerts, gigs, ballet and theatre performances, and is an avid fan of motorcycle racing and football. She is also a keen gardener and a loves being outdoors.

Richard Bragginton

Case Manager

Richard specialises in: Support and administration to brokers.

Knowledge and experience: Richard is part of our robust support and administration team. All of our case managers support our brokers to deliver a high level of customer service to our clients, they’re often the difference between completion or not and their support is vital.

Worked with Springtide since: 2013

Get to know Richard: Richard likes cycling at weekends and enjoys film.

Isabelle O’Donnell

Case Manager

Isabelle specialises in: Support and administration to brokers.

Knowledge and experience: Having worked in the industry for nearly 5 years Isabelle has developed a strong knowledge of the mortgage process, working closely with the team of mortgage consultants to ensure we provide the best service and a positive outcome for our clients.

Worked with Springtide since: 2018.

Get to know Isabelle: Outside of work, Isabelle enjoys good food and countryside walks. She is also a keen netball player.

Ben Smith

Case Manager

Ben specialises in: Support and administration to brokers.

Knowledge and experience: Having worked in the industry over the last two years, Ben has successfully completed his CeMAP exams and provides administrative support to all brokers from the point of the first client meeting to completion.

Worked with Springtide since: 2015.

Get to know Ben: Ben enjoys sport especially football and fishing. He also likes reading, watching movies and travelling.

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Important Legal Information
There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend upon your circumstances and loan amount. The FCA does not regulate most buy-to-let, second charge or commercial mortgages. The Financial Ombudsman Service is available at or by contacting them on 0800 023 4 567. YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE.

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