Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers are specialist providers who look for a suitable mortgage product on a client’s behalf in order to get the best possible deal.

Is the mortgage advice independent?

Yes, our advice is always independent and impartial, where our advisors recommend what they consider to be the best mortgage to meet your needs. They have no affiliation with a particular lender or panel.

How much can I borrow?

The main aspects on how much you can borrow is based upon affordability calculations. Each lender will calculate this differently and a broker will be able to work out which lender best suits your individual circumstances. Income, daily expenditure and credit commitments are the main factors taken into consideration.

How much deposit do I need?

This will depend on your circumstances. Generally, the larger the deposit you can afford the better the mortgage interest rate.

How does an Agreement in Principle differ from a mortgage offer?

An Agreement in Principle, also known as a ‘Decision in Principle’ is useful if you would like to know how much you could borrow.

All that’s needed is a few personal details about you and anyone else who will be named on the mortgage. A mortgage offer is issued by a lender once your application has been received and necessary checks, such as a valuation and confirmation of your details, have been carried out. It sets out the terms under which the lender is prepared to offer you a loan.

Do I have to have a survey?

You must have a valuation if you are using a mortgage to buy a property, but a survey is not necessary unless requested by the valuer as a condition for the mortgage offer. However, even if it’s not advised as part of the valuation, it is advisable. We can explain about the different types of survey available.

What if I lose my job or I am having difficulty paying my mortgage?

The first and most important thing to do is contact your lender as soon as possible. Lenders are required to treat borrowers in this position “sympathetically and positively”.

Do I need insurances with my mortgage?

Your mortgage lender will ask for buildings insurance to be in place. Home insurance combines buildings and contents insurance to cover your most valuable assets. We would recommend that you also consider protecting against death, injury or long-term illness.

Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Yes. We are directly regulated by the FCA for your complete protection.