Income Protection

Many companies don’t pay employees if they’re absent from work for long periods of time due to sickness, leaving the employee reliant on State Statutory Sick Pay. If something happened to you, would you be able to use savings or sick pay to pay your mortgage or bills?

Income protection is a long-term insurance policy that will help you to replace your income if you can’t work because you’re ill or injured. It provides you with a regular income until you retire or are able to return to work, which covers most illnesses that leave you unable to work.

How much you pay each month will depend on the policy and your circumstances. This cover is based on a single lifetime basis only, linked to current earnings.

The cost of a policy will vary based on a number of factors, including:

  • age
  • job
  • if you smoke or have previously smoked
  • the percentage of income you’d like to cover
  • the waiting period before the policy pays out
  • the range of illnesses and injuries covered
  • your health

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