What happens when things go wrong and the money runs out?


Financial planning is essential to everyone, but it shouldn’t stop there; at Springtide Capital we feel that it’s our obligation to offer a suite of life insurance and protection services for when the money runs out. That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Andy Pearson, a life insurance and protection expert, to the team.

People don’t plan to be ill, lose a job or take care of a dependent but the statistics of that happening during a mortgage term are frightening. Helping clients to understand the risks, consequences and offering a suitable package will be invaluable if something unfortunate happens.

And that’s where Andy can help. Having been an adviser for over 20 years he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Springtide Capital and works hard to make sure that all his clients’ protection needs are at the heart of everything he does.

Andy commented, “In most instances, the financial implications to a family of a bread winner dying prematurely, or being diagnosed with a serious illness are massive. This is magnified if the clients have outstanding debts/mortgages that need servicing and they could be at risk of losing their family home if payments are not met. To make matters worse, they could also lose any equity that may have built up over the years. The loss of a family member is bad enough in itself, but to have the extra worry of being financially challenged at this time is not something anyone wants but it can be easily avoided.”

Reasons to give Andy a call:

  • Receive a FREE client review: A fee is not charged.
  • The worries: Discuss any areas of concern.
  • The facts: Analyse limitations given illness/death of self/family or income level change.
  • Protected: Regulated advisory service, which means that I/Springtide Capital Ltd are responsible for the advice that is given.
  • No jargon: Clear terms and conditions.
  • The best deal: Impartial advice sourced from a range of protection providers.

Did you know? Protection plans can be relatively inexpensive and invaluable. To find out more call Andy today on 020 8154 7280 or email him on [email protected]