Property investment opportunity: commuter rail lines


When it comes to property investment, identifying up and coming areas can bring fruitful returns. It seems that property investors are now looking at the new Crossrail, London to Reading, and Chiltern, London to Oxford, train lines as a property investment opportunity. These new train lines will open up new areas to those commuting to and from London for work in addition to the already popular hotspots of Reading, Goring and Oxford.

Homes & Property recently reported the top areas, travel times and average prices in these hotspots. You can view the Crossrail property impact report by clicking here and information on the new Chiltern train line by clicking here.

Reading (26 minutes) is easily commutable and with average properties priced at £288,274 they may be a more affordable investment than London. Prices have seen a nine percent increase in the last 12 months. Reading attracts families looking for good schools and a slower pace of life.

Goring (53 minutes) is also an achievable commute from Paddington. With average prices at £546,923 it has also recently enjoyed price increases of 16.6 percent. With properties located within villages close to the local countryside, the area has become a very popular investment location. However, Londoners looking for a period property, with land, may be disappointed as these are highly sought after and often priced at a premium.

There is also a new Chiltern train line from Oxford (57 minutes) to London planned.

Oxford has long been a favourite of London commuters and the new train line will make the travel time even more doable. With average property prices at £422,158 and enjoying a 10.8 percent price increase in the last 12 months, investment here has brought healthy returns. With its world renowned architecture, great restaurants, schools and surrounding countryside Oxford is highly attractive and as you head to the North of Oxford you’ll find the prices increase. However, deals can be found, for example, a selection of 4 bed houses at just £500,000 are on offer by the new station at Water Eaton.

New transport links and the re-development of areas are great investment opportunities so it’s worth keeping an eye out for what’s available. As with all investments a good return comes with equal risk so it’s essential to speak to a qualified adviser before you enter in to a purchase.